Much damage was reported from the latest tornados that hit Barnsdall and Bartlesville Oklahoma. Fallen trees, road blocks, and structural damage from trees falling were just part of the damage. New Season took action and is working diligently to help clean up those communities hit the hardest.

New Season Tree Service was there:
We didn’t waste any time. We brought our tools and started cleaning up immediately with chainsaws and other equipment. With so much damage you need true experts to help with fallen limbs and debris to avoid even further damage to property and people. With the proper equipment and professionals, storm clean up is faster and safer for all residence. Our Bartlesville tree experts are doing more than just cleaning up; they’re making sure everyone stays safe at minimal risk to property.

Taking Care To Save Trees As Well:
Our tree experts aren’t just cutting trees and leaving. They’re also checking which trees can be saved and which ones need to go. If a tree is too damaged, they carefully take it down to prevent more problems, but if a tree can be saved… then we will take all measures necessary to do that.

Looking Forward:
Even though the storm caused a lot of damage, the people in these towns are strong and resilient. In typical Oklahoma fashion, many experts and volunteers came in to offer assistance and help the residence to not only start rebuilding, but to be make Bartlesville safer and greener than ever before.