Is New Season Tree Masters insured?

YES! New Season Tree Masters is fully insured in both worker’s compensation & liability. Both types of insurance protects the property owner in the event of an unfortunate accident while working. Be weary of a tree trimming company that can’t provide valid insurance proof from a verified agent.

How much is Tulsa tree removal, trimming & stump grinding?

The cost of these services depends on the size of tree, location, health and extent of work required. It is best to contact us to get an in person quote.

How long does Tulsa tree removal, trimming & stump grinding take?

Similar to cost, it depends on the size of tree, location, health and extent of work required. It is best to contact us to get an in person quote.

What about my yard during Tulsa tree removal, trimming & stump grinding?

New Season Tree Masters will ALWAYS leave your property in equivalent or sometimes better condition than when we arrived. Protecting landscaping and yards are high priority to our team.

Can Tulsa tree removal / trimming be achieved if a bucket truck cannot access it?

YES! The crew at New Seasons Tree masters are skilled arborist and climbing trees is one of our many specialties. All of our tree climbers use proper safety equipment and are properly trained in any tree removal situation.

Do I need to have the stump ground out and what will it look like when it is done?

The service of stump grinding is always optional; however, doing so can help approve the appearance of a yard or landscaping. Typically, stumps are ground approximately 6-10 inches below the ground and will leave behind a mound of heavy stump chips. We can smooth out the pile or haul away the stump chips.

Will Tulsa stump grinding completely remove the stump?

Yes. Tulsa stump grinding completely removes what is left behind after a tree is removed.

What party is responsible if a tree falls on your property?

If the tree that has fallen is in your neighbors yard, each homeowner is responsible for the part of the tree on their property line. Depending on the extent of the damage, if any, and the specifics of the insurance policy, coverage may or may not apply.

What are the Tulsa emergency tree removal steps to take?

Be safe, do not let anyone other than a qualified tree removal specialist or first responders. If electrical lines are compromised, immediately call the electric company and they will send a professional. If your roof is compromised, vacate the residence until the tree is removed. Always take pictures if it is safe to do so.

How often do I need Tulsa tree trimming?

Every 2-4 years is the recommended time for Tulsa tree trimming. We do have clients that opt to have us trim more often for a cleaner look.

Are there regulations for Tulsa tree trimming?

There are no legal regulations for tree trimming in Tulsa. Some surrounding cities and counties may have regulations/permitting requirements.