Tulsa Tree Removal

Tree Removal – Tulsa, OK

Are you considering having a tree removed?  Obviously the larger the tree the more consideration you should take in consulting a professional tree removal service.  Larger trees are much more likely to cause serious injury to an unskilled person attempting it.  Not to mention the risk to your property or a neighbor’s.

For these reasons we recommend using a professional for all tree removal jobs. Regardless of the size of the tree.  When you remove your own tree, you risk serious injury to yourself, your property, and the people around you. Tree removal is complicated, and demands refined techniques, specialized equipment, and highly qualified technicians.


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Emergency Tree Removal

Oklahoma weather has a way of upending even healthy trees. Trees that are rotted or diseased are even more at risk.

As we’ve all witnessed, significant weather events can cause numerous trees and limbs to fall across a region. We are committed to providing prompt assistance to address your needs. Our fleet remains on standby to offer emergency tree removal services. Our widespread reach proves invaluable during regional storms, enabling us to dispatch trucks and crews from unaffected areas to aid those heavily impacted.

In the event of a tree removal emergency, don’t hesitate to contact New season Tree Masters via phone or email. You’ll receive support from a top notch tree service company with a highly skilled team, cutting-edge technologies, and specialist capable of rapid deployment for specialized tasks and emergencies.


After Tree Removal

After the tree has been removed, you have the option to either retain the stump in its current state or opt for its complete removal. Stump grinding involves the utilization of machinery to pulverize the stump below ground level, ranging from a few inches to a depth of up to 12 inches. Although the tree’s roots persist, they will gradually decompose over time.

Your tree removal specialist can outline the advantages and disadvantages of stump grinding, providing you with an estimate of the associated costs. The cost assessment takes into account factors such as the stump’s size, its location on your property, and your personal preferences. The decision on the most suitable removal method hinges on your plans for the area surrounding the old stump. If you have intentions of replanting, the type of vegetation you plan to introduce becomes crucial. Whether it be grass, ground cover, a shrub, or another tree, the soil requirements for accommodating root systems will vary significantly. The extent of stump removal should be determined with consideration for these factors.

Tree Risk Assessment

Allow us to assist you in mitigating tree-related hazards, granting you greater peace of mind. The evaluation of tree risks is essential for safeguarding the well-being of your family, visitors, pets, and assets.

Our skilled workers at New season Tree Masters possess extensive expertise in the intricacies of tree structure, mechanics, and biology. We will perform a thorough visual assessment to pinpoint particular conditions and imperfections signaling an elevated risk to individuals and property. Additionally, our specialists utilize cutting-edge equipment capable of detecting internal decay and defects that may escape notice from the outside.

Tulsa Tree Removal FAQ

How much is Tulsa tree removal?

The cost of Tulsa tree removal depends on the size of tree, location, health and extent of work required. It is best to contact us to get an in person quote.

How long does Tulsa tree removal take?

Similar to Tulsa tree removal cost, it depends on the size of tree, location, health and extent of work required. It is best to contact us to get an in person quote.